Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wedding Guestboards

As I mentioned last week, we will be spending this weekend celebrating our 2-year anniversary. Two years! I still remember our wedding and the events leading up to the big day as vividly now as I did back then. At times, when I think about our beautiful day, it takes my breathe away. So much love, planning, and anticipation goes into a wedding and I believe what made our wedding so magical for us (aside from me marrying the best human) was the intimate details we incorporated into our celebration. 

As I reflect back on the week of our wedding I remember the excitement, the rush, and scrambling around finishing any last minute errands and to-do lists. In fact, the Tuesday before, I recall coordinating a pick up/ drop off of our wedding Baggo guestboards for a friend to paint. Also known as Cornhole, bags, or Chuck-O.  I never know what to call it so whatever fits your fancy! We used Baggo as our wedding guestbook, aka wedding guestboards.

When I thought about choosing a guestbook for our wedding I knew right away I did not want a traditional sign-your-name in a book you will never open in your life again type of memory. I needed something thoughtful, useful, and personalized to us as a couple. Kyle and I live an active lifestyle and enjoy doing things together. As I thought deeper about our story and what we could use in the future I thought about our college days. All the times we played Bags with friends at our cookouts and tailgates. Since Kyle and I were neighbors throughout our undergrad days you could find us frequently pulling out the bean bag toss game with some friends and playing a few rounds in between classes. In fact the first time I ever met Kyle he was playing football and Baggo with some neighbors.

Making Baggo as our guestboard only felt fitting. Especially since the people we love and are closest with are the ones who signed our board and more than likely will be the ones playing Bags with us when we celebrate future house warming parties, 4th of July parties, or perhaps even one day for our children's birthday parties. Crazy to think about!

Kyle and his Dad created and painted our boards and my good friend Sara customized our names and dates. In honor of our upcoming anniversary I figured I would share our guestboards—a little piece of our day. One which evokes many enjoyable memories. Oddly enough, Kyle's Dad recently slapped a final coat of shellac on our boards in order to preserve the names. Now every time I see them I feel proud and an overwhelming sense of love for our relationship and all the wonderful people we have in our life. Thanks for reading XOXO.

What did you do as a wedding guestbook? If you could do something different what would you do? I hope this post gives anyone looking for ideas something to consider!

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