Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All things PINK.

I know it's been a few weeks since that annual Hallmark holiday rolled around, but I must share the most awesome Valentine's gift I have ever received. Let me first point out I asked my husband NOT to get me flowers this year. Not because I don't like flowers, because let's be serious, they're great. But they're overpriced around Valentine's Day and to put it bluntly, they die. In addition to my no flowers request I also added a no gifts plea altogether. Clearly you know how that request was followed, but no complaints here.

Since getting into ice fishing this season I really really wanted my own pink tip-up. As girly as they get, right? It's true, I have a very feminine side, yet I'm also the type of lady who isn't afraid of a little dirt and will be right with the big dogs when it comes to taking risks and going against any typical female stereotypes. So yes, I enjoy ice fishing. And yes, I like pink. Pink proud!

Friday, February 20, 2015

"Better day's are coming... they're called Saturday and Sunday."-Unknown

A few months ago we were asked to join in a trip to Costa Rica with a few friends for this weekend. After some discussion we decided to pass on this one in the hopes to save some $$$ for other things. Ya know, a house, new furniture, a dog. What priorities ensue as an adult. 

Fast forward three months and I can't stop thinking what I would give to be basking in the sun, watching the waves collide with the shore, and swimming with some sea turtles. I'm a dreamer. Our conservative money decision sounds arbitrary now. And instead, I am met with a cold dose of arctic freeze. Diva alert: I am due for a vacation. 

Enough sitting, waiting, wishing (a little Jack Johnson for you), I will do my best to redirect my mind. Who knows, maybe for the thrill of it I'll crank up the heat, rub on some sun tan lotion, throw on a bathing suit and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall (for the umpteenth time). 

Then again, I can also be thankful I don't live in Boston. Sorry Boston!

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Have a great and relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I lied.

I have a confession to make... This past weekend wasn't all about ice fishing in celebration of Kyle's birthday and Valentine's Day as I previously made it out to be. I needed an out, and telling the truth, well, would have ruined the surprise.

Over the weekend I threw a small surprise birthday party for my hubs. A friend graciously allowed a few people over, spending the evening at his lake house in Stoughton. I wanted to do something special and memorable so adding a party bus and a night out in downtown Madison seemed like the complete package for the ultimate surprise.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why we need to give our phones a break

Smart phones. An easy access to emails, calls/texts, social media, and the internet. While our phones have become a convenient and accessible accessory we carry around with us; their easy access makes the tendency for phone checking abuse to sky rocket. Thanks to a Cup of Jo, I discovered this hysterical video talking about our constant obsession with checking our phones and why we need to give them some siestas.

How often do you check your phone? What phone-break challenge could you give yourself this week?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Have a heart filled weekend.

(As you can see, we are really great at taking pictures)
We are headed out for another round of battle against the fish this weekend. After spending 6+ hours last weekend with a group over 25 people, mind you, and not a single catch, I am eager and determined for some flags to pop today. I may even pull out my fish dance. Desperation can do those things to you. What are you up to this Valentine's weekend? Kyle's birthday was yesterday so we are doing a little kill two birds with one stone sort of deal. What's more warm and romantic than sitting out on the ice in 8 degree weather, right? Love does crazy things. 

Have a heart filled weekend and stay warm. At least someone can for me! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

February's Challenge- Drink more H20

We've made it to the second challenge of 2015 after launching the new year with a focus on those resolutions you've made. Yes, remember those??? I've been trying to work on mine, and as devout goal enthusiast myself, I decided to broaden my level of goals this year to include some not as obvious ones such as: expanding my vocabulary, learning new words, and brain power boosters. Ever heard of a battologist or cattywhampus? If you haven't, you're welcome. Other brain power boosters I'm doing include researching various historians, authors, and worldwide famous artists. It sounds cheesy, but believe me, it's fun, interesting, and I expand my knowledge a bit more. But keep working on your resos, and keep in mind I will set monthly challenges; tackling health, happiness, and overall well-being.

Now let's dive straight into this months task: drink more H20.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Saved by the Bell

Last night Jimmy Fallon reunited the cast of Saved by the Bell and melted 1990s hearts all over the place. It brought me straight back to my younger years and for a moment I didn't feel 27 anymore. Just kidding. BUT Saved by the Bell was a classic and Jimmy's skit was on point (except Screech and Lisa were missing :(). He really is the late night Johnny Carson of our generation, and once again he has reclaimed his title. Saved by the Bell turned into a daily morning ritual in high school and today felt no different... I can already tell this is a great start to my day.

Jimmy, maybe you should think about doing a SBTB skit on the regular. No complaints here!

Here is the link in case you haven't checked out the classic reunion for yourself.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cupid's Calling.

Hello February! Everyone knows Valentine's Day is considered a Hallmark Holiday, but I must confess... there is something so cheesy, uplifting, and puppy dog lovin' that just sucks me right in. I never used to be a big fan of the corporate proclaimed holiday, but since it comes around every year I've developed a softened heart and embrace it as much as I can. (All in the attitude, eh?) AND I can't help but cave into those tiny assorted chocolates; despite me taking a bite out of each one and spitting out half only to discover, yet again, peanut butter chocolates do not exist in the box. You would think I would have learned by now but I still hold hope. Russell Stover, if you're reading this I highly suggest you take my advice and team up with Reeses or something.