Friday, May 1, 2015


TGIF! Having my Friday off feels pretty great after working some pretty late nights this week. Aside from working I must admit my priorities have been a little scattered,too.
We moved in (temporarily) with my in laws while we search for a home. Initially I was apprehensive about making the move but I am so happy we made the decision. Sadly I realize moving in with parents can get a bad rep, and at times I found myself disappointed in the disgusting looks and unsolicited comments from others as I told them about our change. At the same we also received a ton of love and "I would do it if I could" remarks which was nice to hear. 

If anything I think this makes me and us stronger. Even writing this post for others to read opens up the opportunity to be judged but I'm pulling on the hater shield. I realize I can't live my life in fear of what others think. A reminder I give myself daily. For us this opportunity can only create growth. A stepping stone if you will. So I'm extremely grateful for the open arms and hope to someday return the generosity.

Yet as all the dust settles from these recent changes I want to kick off this month's challenge with some things that have circled in my mind. Or I should say people rather. Do you ever have those old faces you wish you still stayed in contact? Or old pals, coworkers, pastors run across your mind and you keep telling yourself to reach out but haven't made the move? I can't tell you how many countless times I think of certain people and say I am going to reach out and catch up with them. Let them know I'm thinking of them. And THEN another few months roll by. 

This month I want to change that. As we roll into May 1st I want to reconnect with some important people in my life. Even if it means reaching out in a text, email, or catching up over coffee I want to maintain those relationships. 

That's why I'm going to create a list of 5 people/groups and make it a point to reach out. I know my first one starts tonight as I grab dinner at Belair with my old grad school girls whom I've missed. 

Would you join the Reconnection band wagon this month? Are there people in your life you've been meaning to connect with again? Who would be your 5? Have a great weekend and Happy May Challenge! XO!

***P.S. In April's pamper month I have to admit I did NOT do my acupuncture appointment, but it isn't off the table yet! Hoping to do that this Summer. Hope you enjoyed a little TLC towards yourself! 

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