Friday, May 22, 2015

Have a long and memorable weekend + links

Hi folks! We have a long weekend ahead of us and I am starting mine with a morning cup of joe on the deck while admiring this beautiful weather we are having. Feeling a bit sentimental today as I think about my Friday two years ago. Getting primped up for our wedding and celebrating our rehearsal dinner with a few of our closest family and friends. 

Here's a little snapshot of us the night before the big day...

 On the big day! From Ms. to Mrs. :)
Visiting our ceremony site on Year 1...

Now we shall see what is in store for Year 2 as I'm looking forward to hanging out with my favorite dance partner this weekend! Even though I usually have to drag him out in order for him to start dancing.

I hope your weekend is filled with good food, people, and many moments remembering those men and women who have paid the ultimate price while serving in our armed forces. Also thank and pay tribute to those who serve and have served in our country. Salute them and may God bless them and their families as they sacrifice so much for our country! Remember freedom is not free and service does not come without sacrifice.

In the meantime enjoy some links around the web! <3

My new favorite sweatpants, seriously so comfortable

The history of why we call coffee "a cup of joe"

Interesting smell but your skin feels great after using this DIY face mask. 

Makes painting my nails so much easier

Real things all couples do. Had me LOLing.

My life explained. I am an ambivert!

Lessons learned from your 20s

There's a new term... the Dadbod?

Best hiking trails in the Midwest

The difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day

A twist on a wedding guestbook

Have a ridiculously good weekend!

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