Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Motivation-Have Everything

Weekends come and go too quickly! How was yours? Last night I told Kyle "tomorrow should be Sunday again." In my opinion yesterday was too busy for a Sunday. Friday I put in a great 6mile run. At night some of my old grad school gals and I gathered for dinner at Belair Cantina. We mowed down on chips and tacos and reminisced on life in the old days while catching up with the new.

 Kyle was away this weekend so on Saturday I took a spontaneous trip to Chicago and tagged along with some friends.  After devouring a homemade brunch of delicious pumpkin-chocolate chip pancakes we grabbed our hats and attended a rooftop Kentucky Derby soiree. We spent the afternoon sipping on mint julep and watched the races. I rooted for Carpe Diem, simply because of the meaning behind it, but American Pharaoh is a pretty sweet name. Nonetheless a win-win. 

Sunday followed with a quick 3mile run, celebrated my Father-n-law's birthday, and helped run dance practice with another teammate since our director was out of town. It took me about .2seconds to fall asleep.

Today I feel a bit more rested and ready for the day. Given its a Monday and easy to have a case of the Monday's, I wanted to share a Christian song by David Dunn I am currently obsessed with. The lyrics are powerful and a great reminder of how we need to give all our worries, thankfulness, and glory to God. He will provide! It refreshing to remember everyday is a new day and we can give everything to him! Listening today already has me pumped me up to make it a great one. Take a listen for yourself and see! Hopefully you find it as motivating and uplifting as I do.


Did you listen to it? Let me know your thoughts! And remember today doesn't have to be a Monday (tone spoken in true despair) it can be a NEW day!

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