Thursday, May 14, 2015

My May Playlist

Nothing beats an atmosphere filled with people shouting out the lyrics to Journey's Don't stop Believing, The Hitters Benny and the Jets, or FGL Cruise. You know, those songs everyone knows the lyrics when they pop on.  Take any wedding for example. The excitement people experience when MJ's Billy Jean comes on Or the subtle joy and head bobbing you see to Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl. It's contagious!

Every concert produces a type of energy and evokes emotion with the music, musicians, and crowd. Having thousands of people collectively belt out the words to these songs while no one gives two hoots whether someone looks ridiculous or is singing out of tune. It's kind of a freeing experience.

Personally, I consider myself a music over TV gal. On any day I would always prefer jamming to some tunes over watching the boob tube. Kyle would say I have "the weirdest taste in music." Of course I disagree. Ha Ha. I do have quite an eclectic taste (and I really mean eclectic) of music. You can find me rapping to some hip hop, yes that does happen, dancing to some club/house music, head bobbing to some country, or get deep in thought with some Indie. It really depends on my mood, the season, and setting for what I choose to play. *Usually Kyle ends up liking it after its played a few times OR once he hears it on the radio.

Today I thought I'd share a little list of what I'm currently listening to. A mix of genres at best!

  1. Elastic Heart- Sia
  2. Classic Man- Jidenna 
  3. You Know You Like It- DJ Snake, AlunaGeorge 
  4. Be Real- Kid Ink
  5. Ghost Town- Adam Lambert 
  6. Trap Queen- Fetty Wap 
  7. Weight of Love- The Black Keys
  8. Ways To Go- Grouplove
  9. Amsterdam- Imagine Dragons
  10. Beach Baby- Bon Iver
  11. Gold- Ggoolldd
  12. Mind Over Matter- Young the Giant 
  13. Untouched and Arrived- Ace Reporter
  14. Are You?- The soil & the Sun
  15. Under Control- Calvin Harris 
  16. Prayer in C- Robin Schulz
  17. A little More- Kaskade
  18. You Used to Hold Me- Calvin Harris
  19. Trailer Hitch- Kristian Bush
  20. Shotgun Rider- Tim Mcgraw
  21. Sangria- Blake Shelton
  22. All The Rage Back Home- Interpol
  23. Santa Fe- Andrew Belle
What are some of your favorite songs right now? What types of music do you listen to? I'm always up to hear new artists or songs! Stay tuned for my running playlist next week!


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