Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bubbles & Brunch

You just can't beat a homemade brunch. Especially one made with love for Mother's Day. There are two things you may not know about me: One—I love cooking. Two—I love entertaining. Whether it be throwing parties, dinner nights, get-togethers, or celebrations, I love planning and gathering groups of people to enjoy each others company. I can't wait until we have a house of our own, I'm already dreaming of theme nights!

Over the weekend I threw my Mom and sisters' a tea party brunch in celebration of Mother's Day. It was lovely spending the day with family without any interruptions or other pressing commitments. For the menu I served cheese, spinach, and onion scrambled eggs; sausage; baked french toast, where I found the recipe here; fresh fruit, along with cinnamon rolls and muffins. 

Antique teacups and strawberry garnished glasses of bubbly added a vintage ambiance to our celebration.

 The french toast bake turned out excellent. (If you ever try it, I used one extra egg than it called for)
My sweet nieces and nephews made sure to keep the entertainment alive.

Even Olaf joined in on the festivities!

 It's these kind of memories that last a lifetime!
And what a beautiful Spring on top of it! Fresh blooms make me smile.
My rock. My sounding board. The gal who always has my back through prayer and support. Who deals with my petty anxiety. And who always reminds me of what really matters in life. Happy Mother's Day, MOM!

I made an intention to stay away from blogging over the weekend and instead thoroughly throw myself into being in the present moment, 

so Happy belated Mother's Day to all you moms out there! Whether you are a foster mom, substitute mom, mom to an unborn child, mom to a child who didn't make it, or mom to a 4-legged creature, I hope you had a fabulous day and felt loved. Know that you make a difference in this world!

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