Monday, December 29, 2014

Top Pics of Mother Nature- 2014

Here we are, bumping into a new year. Hello 2015, you are looking mighty fresh! But before we say sayonara to 2014 I must give you a recap of my favorite Mother Nature pictures in 2014. I captured these (mostly) with my camera phone. Hey. It actually takes some decent pictures. Most of the time. 

I love, love, love, the outdoors. You can always find me snapping shots of some random tree, serene lake, or breathtaking sunset. So why not put together a little list to get a feel for the weather Mother Nature presented us with in 2014. Weather experts (aka expert guessers) suggest this winter is supposed to be brutal. Like worse than last year stuff. So per usual we may need to roll with the punches. 

Speaking of cold, let's start where 2014 all began. 


It was that polar vortex
Early Morning sunrise


Again, not much has changed with the cold yet.
 But the snow sure is pretty. Also, don't let the sun fool you. It was freezing out.


Lake Michigan :)


At this point weather was warming up, so a kayak adventure was long overdue. I remember some friends and I were pretty scared about falling in since the water hadn't quite caught up with the air. 


This picture captures us boating on the water and only seconds away from riding through a rain shower. It was great having the clouds chase us. Bouncing in and out of the rain.
 Back to our ceremony site for our anniversary


Countryside bicycle rides
Knees. Those are knees, people. 


The most beautiful kayak adventure.

Up north. Our favorite place to be.
Happy 4th of July!
Bike ride scenery


My birthday bike ride

Sweet tree.

This is what I do when I bike ride. I stop and take a picture. 
A little afternoon hike at Lapham Peak.

Wisconsin Fall... <3

Just a little rest and photo shoot with my bike.

A taste of Colorado




Taking pictures has become a more passionate hobby of mine. I love looking back on all of these pictures and reminisce about all the moments it brings me back to.  I'm going to take some time and reflect on 2014 before jumping ship into a new year. 

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