Friday, December 5, 2014


It's December AND it's Friday folks! We can now kick up our heels and have a glass of eggnog! This time of year tends to get crazy busy and this week in particular was a blur. I am having trouble even thinking about what went on this week. Thank God for my fancy Galaxy phone pics because holy cow, a lot did happen. My body was present but my mind, oh that mind, was somewhere else. Ever get those bouts of insomnia episodes? That's been me as of late. Au contraire mon frere, I seem to have no trouble staying asleep and wanting sleep come sunrise. Why can't I get that early morning awakening insomnia where I am wide-eyed come 5AM. Think about how much I could accomplish!?!? Ugh! Anyways, mind shut up and go to sleep has become my motto at bedtimes.

Here is a recap of what happened in my world this week:

-Please say some prayers for my nephew who has been battling on again off again medical complications

-My sister-n-law gave birth. Welcome Baby Declan! (AKA baby Dee)

-Rest in peace Ryan Knight

-Celebrated my friend Irzyk's now annual 23rd birthday

-Celebratory drinks at Jimmy's were in order for one of my gals reaching a new milestone in her career. Congrats Angie!

-Saw my niece, Princess TT,  and she is now walking up a storm. The stairs have become her new haven and a port for my anxiety. 

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Have a splendid weekend!

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