Tuesday, December 9, 2014

$20 and Under 2014 White Elephant Gift Guide

White elephant gift exchanges can be a mix between funny, practical, cute, or even delicious. When people ask if I want to join in on a white elephant gift exchange I usually have to feel out the crowd and decide what type of category I need to dabble in. This year I am doing one for work and decided to go with a more traditional and practical gift versus a wild and out there kind. But some of my favorite white elephant gifts are the ones that give lots of laughs and can still be of good use. This year I rounded up a few of my favorites for under twenty bucks.

 This multi-tool butt station desk accessory cracks me up. It's the perfect gift (word of caution: probably not for your boss, however my boss would probably get a laugh or two) for those who have a sense of humor and are in need of a lot of office supplies in one place. 

For those who always have the intention of journaling or writing down memories but never feel like they have the time. This One Line A Day book gives you 5 years worth of writing one memory, quote, event, or thought each day. I bet that would be fun to look back on it each year... 

U.S. State Coasters. Need I say more? Ideal for someone who has moved away but wants a little slice of home around. 

Okay, I know what you're thinking. What's with the toilet theme? Trust me I am not sending you some underlying message here. This golf kit is a pretty fantastic gift for the golfer in your family or circle of friends. Kind of being stereotypical here but this might help the guys pass the time. Just saying.

A bicycle scarf.  The perfect gift for the active lady in your life. You don't have to be a biker enthusiast to love this scarf, although being a cyclist might be a plus.  

These wine bottle herb pots are a wonderful complement for wine lovers and garden lovers alike. Not to mention this is a one of a kind gift.  

Owl Eye Mask a great (and adorable) pamper gift for someone who needs a little self-care. Not to mention the lavender scent is sure to soothe all the senses. 

Bear bottle opener. A superb addition to the bar. 

A superwoman kitchen apron. Funny, cute, and well, no promises on it creating a super meal but depending on the person, this could be the gift!

Stay tuned for more gift guides coming up throughout the next few weeks! Whats your favorite white elephant gift you've ever given/or received? 

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