Monday, November 24, 2014


In three days Thanksgiving will make its way into our homes and bellies. Lucky for me this past weekend I got to taste a pre-Thanksgiving celebration, also known as the more informal, Friendsgiving. This has become an annual event for some friends and I and has kept me patiently waiting on my toes for the last few weeks. It's double the celebrating which makes the holidays even more exciting. Any excuse to get together with friends, stuff our bellies, sip on old fashioned's, and potentially get a little rowdy is A-OK in my book.

The night included a delicious array of appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and of course the bird. I was so proud of my friend who just made her first turkey! I have never stuffed, spiced, or cooked one, but the thought of cooking a turkey for a crowd of people gives me anxiety just thinking about it. So I will stick to my comfort zone of the aforementioned three. 

*I also want to mention my unending apologizes for the poor camera quality photos! Ugh, I forgot my actual camera but I didn't want that to stop me from posting our experience! Please forgive!
A shot of the beautiful bird
Diesel was the perfect kitchen helper; always cleaning up the scraps on the floor

 I even learned of an apparently well-known turkey tradition, the wish-bone. You let the wish-bone (also known as the furcula) of the turkey dry out for a few hours and then two people grab each end of the bone and break it. Kind of like Oreos where the person with the frosting, well, gets the frosting, and in this case, the person with the bigger piece is granted a wish! I know, how have I not known about this!?!?! I must have grown up in a very small box. 

If my wish comes true I may contemplate sharing it.

Decided to dress in the holiday spirit. Picked up this Michael Kors dress at Goodwill. No shame here. I scored a hot number for only five denaro. Winning!
We indulged in drinks, apps and good conversation.
 An Old Fashioned bar was the perfect addition this year!
Dinner was paired with this Wisconsin Cranberry Wine. Top notch in my book! I highly recommend you give this a shot.

The Gents
Ladies of the evening
Yep, this happened. You may be asking after seeing this picture, what else did you do on your Friendsgiving besides stuff your faces and sip drinks. And this picture pretty much sums it up. We spent the rest of our evening playing borderline offensive card games, knee slapping charades, and well, have a contest to see who's head was bigger. Bet you can guess the winner! I kid, I kid. 

Have you ever thrown a Friendsgiving? What are your plans for the feast? Check out the history of the wishbone here. 

Have a beautiful and ever short week! And stay tuned for the Pumpkin Torte recipe I made this past weekend!

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