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Small Business Start-Up: Adorn Event Styling

Not going to lie people, I have been SO (!!!) excited to launch this new Small Business Start-up Series. This series will feature individuals who have taken the risk to follow their passion and start their own business. Learning the ins and outs of what they do, what they love, and how they did it. I have so much respect and give mad props to the people in the world who take the risk and run with it. Of course I had to jump on this idea since I look at these people as my inspirations! Nothing seems to stand in the way of a motivated mind. And I can't help but want to absorb their endless motivation and use it for my own good. Sounds selfish, but I'm just being real. Right? Who's with me!?! Hopefully this will add fuel to your fire, too!

   May I introduce you to the beautiful and talented mastermind behind Adorn Event Styling, 
Tiffany Collins. 

Kyle and I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany and her husband on a trip to Mexico and thanks to good ol' technology, (aka Facebook) we have kept in touch over the years. Seeing her cute card designs and creative party decor plastered on my computer screen gives me immediate smiles and a compulsive need to want to buy everything that is offered. Sometimes I wish I had more parties/events to throw just so I could buy more of these cute designs. 

With the holidays right around the corner I don't know about you, but Christmas Cards are on my mind and Adorn Event Styling is the perfect place to get all your personalized and one-of-a-kind looks! Therefore, I couldn't think of a better way to kick start this series than sitting down with Tiffany and hearing all about Adorn Event Styling.

Hometown: Herriman, Utah

Your role in Adorn? Owner/Designer

What services/products are offered? We offer custom card & invitation designs to pre-made designs. Also, Adorn has a sister shop that offers those large balloons and tassels along with all sorts of fun banners, cake banners and more!

How would you describe Adorn Event Styling? I always say that the invitation sets the mood for your party.  It’s the first thing the guests will see and helps them know what to expect when they arrive. So Adorn is the creative spark to make your party amazing! Also with Christmas being my favorite time of the year, Christmas cards are super exciting for me! I love making a lasting impression when sending out cards to family and friends and I love that I can help others do that as well!

Where can readers find your products?

What prompted you to start your own business? I have always loved to design. I would do it for friends and family all the time. I actually went to school to become a cosmetologist. I hated leaving my kids and not seeing my husband because we had to work opposite schedules.  So I decided to take my passion and try to make some money. I started an Etsy shop and started selling designs! It was amazing, I couldn’t believe people were buying something I designed. I ended up merging with an old friend of mine who also had a passion for parties. She designed a ton of adorable party supplies so we combined our businesses and became adorn event styling. We are wanting to expand our business eventually and be your one stop shop for everything “party”!

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself as a result of launching your brand? I’ve learned that no matter what business you start, you will always have your ups and downs. I have had many struggles along the way where I have felt like giving up, I didn’t because I knew that it will always work out, & it always does. I have enjoyed learning new things and meeting new people. Many opportunities have opened for me starting this process. I love what I do and even though I am not making a 6 figure income, I enjoy it and I am able to work from my kitchen office with my kids in sight. That is all a Mom could ask for.

What was your biggest challenge bringing your idea from concept to fruition? My biggest challenge right now is, I so badly want to take my business to the next level but figuring out the steps to get there is the most difficult part!  There a lot of wonderful designers out there. I also have tiny prints, Shutterfly and many other large companies that offer amazing designs. I just need to show what make mine different! Its pretty difficult to figure out how I can get up there with the big guys! 

How do you find inspiration? My inspiration is mainly what’s trending now. Like this year’s Christmas cards I incorporated lots of gold! That is so in right now! As far as invitations, again same thing it’s what’s trending now (Frozen, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Tea parties, etc.) 

What advice would you give to any readers looking to start their own business? If you love what you do, never give up. Fight through your battles and enjoy what you do! 

With being a mom and running a business how do you find balance in your life? Sometimes I find myself looking like a scrounge, realizing I haven’t showered for a couple days, gross? Ha ha no you have to schedule. Make sure you have time for your family first and foremost. Make sure you schedule meals! I am ashamed to say that there have been a couple times when I have a stack of orders due and my kids come to me saying “Mom I’m hungry” it is already passed lunch time and they haven’t even got breakfast! Yes give me “the best Mom of the year” award! I have found that I need balance with everything in my life so I schedule out my days as if I would going to a regular job. Weekends off done working by 3:00 on the weekdays. Balance is the key & it is very important!

What’s your favorite quote? “It always works out.” I actually have that engraved on a sign that is on my fireplace in the front room. I love it; it truly is a key staple in my life. When things get rough, “it always works out!”

What do you enjoy most about your business? I enjoy the freedom to be able to be on my time! 

What is your vision for Adorn in 2015? To grow and to become more well known for not only our designs but for our business ethic! I just would like to say thank you for all of the customers I have had in the past and will have in the future. I have been so grateful to have designed for my amazing customers. It’s been so great to get to know them & love when they return! I can’t wait to meet you all in the future! 

Here is a taste of some of Adorn's designs...
(Love the gold print on this one)
 (i.heart.this) & tea pots
(Do you see what I've been raving about??? Amazingly beautiful!)

You can check out more lovely products and custom designs on her website Adorn Event Styling and scoop up some unique goods for this years Holiday card distribution or Ugly Christmas Sweater party ;) 

Stay classy and support small businesses! What's your 'Pursuit of Happiness'?

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