Monday, November 10, 2014

Do You. -Living up to your passion

Whelp. We meet again, Monday. The weekends appear to have the power of flying by quick, but I hope you were able to have an enjoyable one.  I soaked up my time catching up with some dear friends and studying. For whatever reason it does seem life has come to a little halt. Maybe it's the Fall hangover from Summer. A recovery period from all the weddings, festivals, birthdays, etc. It does seem to go 0 to 100 real quick! (A little Drake for your Monday morning pick me up!) ;)

Speaking of music, today's post is inspired by none other than a few simple lyrics combined with a catchy tune.
I have quite the eclectic taste in my selection of songs so I can go from some soulful (Amy Winehouse) to some hip hop (Bobby Schmurda) over to some classics (Ella James) and then swing it around to some southern country (Brad Paisley) and the list continues. (You get the idea). So anyways, when you have a good song sprinkled with some season changes you have yourself a recipe for inspiration (or just thought provoking epiphanies).

Really quick, I need to add that season changes always come with an invitation to reexamine your life. For me, the falling leaves become symbolic of all the junk we've been carrying over the year (or years in some cases) and it's a refreshing reminder AND opportunity to decide if we are going to leave that junk cluttered in our house (life, its a metaphor stay with me) or if we are going to throw those bags of trash to the curb and rid ourselves from the excess negativity. This may be the deepest post to date but I think it's an important one. I feel it would only be a disservice not to share as coming to an understanding, acceptance, and making changes has helped me tremendously.

Often times people are living to meet others' expectations. We are searching for a way to feel fulfilled by doing what we think others want or expect from us, and end up feeling like we are living our life in the passenger seat, just showing up for the drive. And I don't know about you, but I don't want to live like that! Sadly, I have become a victim of making decisions based on what makes sense, peoples expectations, or going with the flow. I'm starting to realize that sometimes going with the flow is taking the easier route. Maybe we need to fight the upstream current only because we know there is something bigger and better for us at the top of that climb. Or we have to believe there is. I'm also going to throw in my two cents on the jealously complex. We need to stop looking at what others have, or are better at, or smarter at, etc. All we do at the end of the day when we participate with the jealously complex is throw ourselves under the bus. As a result, we feel less than. When we start focusing all that energy away from what we don't have, how were not living up to others expectations, or how others have it so much better, we can start to invest that energy into where the heart and soul of this post was meant to go, into "Doing You." 

A while ago I stumbled upon a song that literally repeats the words "do you." It came at the perfect time because I was kinda feeling that is the juice worth the squeeze kind of attitude. The beautiful thing about music is that everyone can interpret a song and take from it anything they want. That's why I love it so much. In listening to this song, I started to question my intentions and ask myself if I was really living up to my full potential or simply stated, doing me! Once I started asking myself this, I was able to gain some clarity on what I wanted and needed for my life.

Life only moves in a forward direction (until it comes to an end), so I say this somewhat loosely, but are you living your passion? Have you stepped into the drivers seat of your life to really explore what you want, need, or are passionate about? If you say yes then that's great, but even in saying yes life is always in motion; therefore, there are still uncharted territories and scary dark roads to travel down so take the road less traveled. Who knows, you may end of finding yourself on the coast of Italy by doing so (and literally that may be where you land)!

I posted the song that resonates with me. So go listen to it and maybe reread this post as you listen and go DO YOU! Walk past your insecurities or tell them to hitch a ride with ya!

Spoon-"Do you"

What songs inspire you? What are you passionate about? What was the biggest risk you ever took? Are you "doing you?" Share your comments below! And Happy Monday!

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