Monday, November 17, 2014

Keeping Memories Alive, Literally.

Hard to believe my husband and I were taking a Saturday morning hike this weekend staring at this...

And not even 24 hours later we were walking out into a winter wonderland.

I must admit, both are just as beautiful and it was pretty exciting waking up on a Sunday morning with a fresh coat of snow on the ground. I think it helps when you also have nowhere in particular to be.

I love the flowers on on this bush. The radiant color contrast against the snow makes me smile. Struggling to stay alive; they have kept up a good fight.

Truth is I have always loved flowers (and no, not just because I'm a lady). In high school I would dry and save ALL of my school dance corsages (it wasn't even until a few years ago that I those suckers hit the curb). In my defense, they were part of some mementos still hanging around my folks house after moving out for college... So out of sight, out of mind people. Cut me some slack. Roughly fifty-percent of bouquets I had when standing up in family and friends weddings have made their way into my home. Dried and preserved the best ways I knew how. As I'm writing this I'm starting to think I may indeed have a problem. But that's neither here nor there.

In September I stood up in a dear friend's wedding. Instead of practicing my typical MO and refrigerating my flowers until they are to the point where I need to tie them upside down on a hanger to dry, and spray them with copious amounts of hairspray to hold their petals, I had heard of something else. (I mean there are only so many dead flowers you can keep in your home).

 Rumor had it succulents could be replanted and continue to flourish. I knew hearing this would solve all of my problems with my obsession to save flowers (at least for this wedding). Instead of drying them out they could 'stay calm and live on' so to speak! It is kind of sad when you think about how expensive flowers are at weddings and how quickly they are thrown out. Kinda wish I knew about this succulent thing when I was getting married, but as I'm sure you can guess by now, my wedding bouquet has been dried out and sprayed and lives on in it's after-death state.

Here is a photo of the original bouquet at the wedding in September. Stunning assortment, isn't it?

 (Our friends who got married. Congratulations again!)
 (Aren't they just a beautiful couple? Their happiness in this picture tugs on my heart strings)
After the vows had been said, the champagne had been poured, and my feet couldn't take anymore, the night had passed and it was my turn to keep the memories from that day alive. So what did I do?

Well I took a few days to enjoy my bouquet and then I took some flowers out and put a tiny bit of water in some measuring cups and let them soak until roots appeared. Just a disclaimer, I wouldn't necessarily recommend waiting almost 2 months, but that's what procrastination can do to you. AND they were still thriving for the most part. (I used common sense for visually understanding where they were at).

Succulents are a branch of Cacti so they really don't need a ton of water since their fleshy leaves soak up and conserve moisture. You could probably get away with planting them soon after the event and skip step one of soaking.

Once I decided to plant them I added some plastic bottles to my pot. It's an easier way to take up room so you don't have to use as much soil.

Poured in my dirt, planted my plants, and voila! A beautiful plant that holds a beautiful memory.

In terms of care taking, based on what I have read, there are growing periods for succulents that last from spring to fall and  rest when the colder temps starting strolling through. Therefore, watering and fertilizing can hold off for extended periods of time. Usually, you can give them water and wait until the soil becomes dry before giving them a good soak again. I can't emphasize this enough, don't give too much water as it only needs enough to keep them going. Succulents like dry areas and enjoy sunlight as they are desert plants (but don't let too much sun beat down). Use your best judgment.

If you're interested in replanting or care taking for succulents and want some more information check out this article here and here!

And Congrats again to my bests, Nick and Miranda! I love having a piece of your wedding in our home :)  

Have you ever replanted flowers from an event? Would you ever do it? What's your favorite one? 


  1. This post melted my heart and brought back such wonderful memories! Thank you very much again for being a part of our big day and making it so special! I had no idea until a few days after the wedding that we would be able to replant the succulents. The succulents have been a beautiful surprise and a great keepsake from our favorite day! Thank you so much for sharing and keep up the awesome work on your blog! xoxo, Miranda

    1. It was an absolute honor to be a part of your day! XOXO