Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekend in Review

Weekends fly by way too quick. I swear it was only yesterday I sat with my computer on my lap and coffee in hand while writing Friday's post. Fast forward a few days and voila! I'm back already giving a recap of my weekend. And I am not going to lie for a minute. Monday was one tough gal. One of those it definitely feels like a Monday days. All starting with the painful noise of my alarm clock. Reminding me it's time to get up. SO I am so happy to say by the time you're reading this it's Tuesday which means we have knocked one work day out of the ballpark. Oh yeah! 

We had a super busy but fun filled weekend. On Friday afternoon I went for a six mile run...

A horrible and great idea at the same time.

One of those sweat dripping and stinging your eyes type of run. The heat was terribly hot I should have known what might be in store after initially wanting to get in a bike ride until my tire popped. A sign in and of itself things weren't looking good, but there was no stopping me. The frustration about my tire only fueled my determination to get in a good work out. I'm proud I pushed myself and after recuperating with proper hydration and bandaging bloody toes I managed to move past and now I'm done crying about it ;-)

That evening we joined friends downtown for a wedding rehearsal dinner at the Ale Asylum Riverhouse in downtown Milwaukee. I had previously heard of this restaurant in Madison, but had never been there myself. Milwaukee recently opened one up and it nests right on the Milwaukee river. A perfect upscale pub where you can hang on the patio and leisurely watch boats coast up and down the the water. 

Saturday I caught up with a good friend and checked out a new cafe in the burbs. AKA suburbs. We went to O' What a Day Cafe and the atmosphere reminded me of a fun, retro, and classy space with bright lavender accents and mini chandeliers . Not to mention the food was great. I ordered a fruit parfait with homemade granola and my friend ordered banana bread french toast. Very tasty and I would definitely go back again. 

After breakfast I quickly cleaned myself up and we attended our close friends wedding. They hosted their reception at the Wisconsin Club. Again, in downtown Milwaukee. This was my first time inside (there's a story behind this, too long and insignificant for this post) and it was amazing. The character of the building was beautiful and I felt like I was hanging out in the game of clue. Except no A murdered B in the library using a candlestick stuff. Instead we spent the evening celebrating love, catching up with people on the terrace, and tearing it up on the dance floor. Lot's of tearing it up on the dance floor. My feet are still yelling at me. 

On Sunday we attended the gift opening at the hotel and the rest of the day I was in recovery mode. I grabbed a blanket and spent my afternoon napping on the grass with no regrets. The weather was gorgeous but I was dunzo. All that dancing comes with a price! And speaking of dance I capped off the weekend with dance practice Sunday night. A tiring but nice end to a great weekend.

What were you up to this weekend? Hope you're having a good start to your week and see ya next time!

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