Friday, July 17, 2015

Have a peaceful weekend + links around the web

Want to know what beats a Friday? Falling into a staycation weekend that lasts through Monday, which I am greatly looking forward to since I am dragging today after a week leaving me feel less than energized.
Which is why I want to head into my long weekend with some peace and relaxation. I plan on kayaking with a friend this afternoon, and given the weatherpeeps are predicting 90s there is a good chance some falling into a lake might be happening, too. Sunday we are throwing my brother and sister-n-law a going away party/ baby shower. They are moving to North Carolina in August so this will be our last big bash with all of us together. I am sad they are leaving, especially before their baby arrives, but I also remind myself how awesome trips to NC will be! Kyle took off work on Monday and so far there are no plans. Another Monday bucket list might make an appearance again! 

After bumming around this morning, I decided to peek through photos while searching for a picture that would fit my "peaceful weekend description." Ha ha. Looking through pictures always makes me smile and reflect on so many fun memories, so today I am giving you a glance of memories from June and July though the eyes of my camera...


and your links around the web this week....

DYING over this Coldplay Rihanna collaboration

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale arrives & with it comes great deals on make-up too!

I want this! My life motto summed up on one bottle.

How pretty is this house covered with Gray Malin's photography

Moscow Mule Popsicles? Yes please

What are your plans this weekend? Doing anything outside? What do you do to relax on the weekends? Whatever it looks like, I hope you enjoy!


  1. Can I just say that picture of you and Zoey is SOOOO cute!!! Seriously, the way she is snuggled in your arm and staring at you is so precious. Dogs are the best!
    Going to my grandma's birthday party today (thankful they have a pool!) and then taking it easy. 10k race tomorrow. Have a great weekend, Ash! :-)

    1. Dogs are the best and Zoey is getting so big! Hope you had fun at your Grandma's party. It's a good thing they had a pool since it was a hot weekend. Excited to hear about your race!