Friday, June 5, 2015

Have a lonnng weekend + links around the web

I never believed in love at first sight. That is until I laid my eyes on this adorable furball. Meet Zoey, my in-laws new and ever cute golden retriever. While I was away in Texas they scooped up this pup and today marks one whole week in the household since making her debut. My heart is now complete and transformed into a warm gooey pile of love-mush. I am screwed if I ever have children. Today I claim myself as a committed advocate for puppy maternity leave.

Things I'm learning...

Attempting a blog post with a 10-week-old puppy on your lap is no easy task.

Despite copious amounts of dog chew toys nothing compares to a human arm...

Or hair...
Or unraveling rugs!

Puppies solve all problems and turn any sour attitude sweet. Duh!

So that's our sweet, lovable, and playful ZoZo. Prepare yourself for lots more Zoey footage in the future.

In other news... I know who really cares about any other news other than stink'n cute puppies, but I must proceed. On this day, exactly 10 years ago, I was just a young 17-year-old girl standing in the middle of my closet. Torn between the momentous decision of choosing what shoes to wear while walking across the stage on graduation day. 

I remember wanting to be tall and wear pretty heels like the rest of my friends but fearful of tripping across the stage so I opted for flip flops instead. It was a hot day and as excited as I was, I dreaded spending hours in a high school gymnasium with no air conditioning. After all I already sat through all of my siblings ceremonies prior to mine. And being in one of the largest high schools in the state meant a lonnng afternoon. Did I mention hot? 

Looking back on it today I cannot believe ten years have passed. I mean where did they go? My ten year reunion happens this summer. Yikes! Pass me the wrinkle cream and a glass of vino.
Look at those young faces!

Today I am puppy shopping, looking for a doggy bed, and some fun toys for Zo. This afternoon I'm meeting up with some gals I used to work with for a caffeine fix at Roots Cafe and a little scenic walk around Lac la Belle, a lake in Oconomowoc. Tonight we see the new Entourage movie!!! And tomorrow we will be celebrating my BIL's wedding at the Harbor House in downtown Milwaukee.

In true Friday fashion here are some fun links around the web...

You can find me rocking this-when it's in and out of style. No shame! 

Hope you have a long weekend! Have any fun plans? Running? Relaxing? Indulging? Whatever it is I hope it's sure to delight. 



  1. Okay, you haven't aged a bit since high school! Very cool to see these pics. I had such a great time with you and Lainie on Friday and meeting sweet Zoey! She is just too adorable and fun. Enjoy every second of the puppy phase :-)

    1. Ha ha you are too sweet! I may have changed a bit from high school... Maybe a little more wrinkles. ;) Thanks for coming and meeting Zoey, she misses you already!