Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lake Life

As I mentioned last week, we hit the road again for our first "up north"  trip of the season. Anyone who lives in Wisconsin understands the real underlying meaning behind the phrase "I'm going up north." It sweetly conveys an experience of peacefulness, relaxation, and scenic eye candy. Pieces of sugary and satisfying confectioneries that cleanse the soul. Gazing at starry nights, admiring sherbet swirled sunsets, and getting lost in the rise and fall of the tide are some of my favorites to name a few.

Aside from the 100 things I love about being up north, there's a whole not caring what you look like mentality. I appreciate not feeling as though I need to wear makeup, wondering if I wore the same clothes already, or if I bothered to shower that day. OK... maybe a bit gross but pure truth! And guess what? Nobody cares! How freeing is that!?!?

We drove up early Friday morning. I gave the weather a big thumbs down due to the cold breeze and light rain, but we spent the afternoon hanging on the pier and I enjoyed a bike ride. I rode around and stopped at the Red Mill, a beautiful historic grist mill. Another one of of my favorite places up north. Friday night we laid low and hung out with some of Kyle's family.

On Saturday morning I went for a run. Since it started to rain after my first few miles I got pretty soaked on my way home. Oddly enough running in the rain can be fun! That afternoon we Kyle went fishing and I tagged along as the trolling motor and enjoyed some reading instead.
 See what I mean with the whole I don't care mentality? Mismatched socks with sandals! Hawt.
 Reading while he's catching dinner!
"The Bass Master"

After fishing we stopped back at the Red Mill for some Wisconsin ice cream as it offers an ice cream shoppe and cafe.
 I had Espresso Chocolatte. Delicious!
 The space is styled with old vintage booths and antiques.
As well as a candy shop.
 Such beautiful views to sit and watch while you eat.
Sunday we laid out in the sun for a while and headed back home. While driving we heard a popping sound and felt as though the brakes were on. We quickly realized a tire had blew and had to pull over and replace it. Thankfully everything turned out alright.

And there you have it. A little taste of my weekend lake life.

Where's your favorite place to getaway?

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