Friday, June 26, 2015

Have a fabulous weekend + links around the web

  Greetings! Happy Friday to you! This week I spent my time recovering after a weekend with my gehlfrans in the Dells for a bachelorette party.
I played catch up on life and focused my energy on making sure I got in all my runs and rides. A break felt nice and needed but truthfully I missed this blog. Now that our summer solstice has arrived I promise to have some great content for you this season. Hopefully Mother Nature will hold up her part too! 

Kyle spent his idle time building us this sweet squat rack. His determination and drive when he wants something is one of the many things I admire about him. Plus him building a squat rack by himself just saved us a lot of money. Now it will be nice to do some lifting at home. I never got into squatting with weight barbells so I'm looking forward to giving this a good trial run.

And I have to give Miss Zo a little check-in! Boy is she starting to get big! And independent. She even wanted to paint her own nails with me. What a diva!

What are your plans this weekend? My hair is getting a little chop-chop today, and I'm meeting up with some ladies for dinner. Kyle is headed to the Dells and Saturday I will be on my way to Illinois for my cousins wedding. Looking forward to the celebrations and catching up with family members coming in from out of state. With no dance practice Sunday night I intend to fully enjoy some R&R.

Enjoy some links around the web!

Would you live in a house like this?

The Granny Panty is back!

Finally introduced to Lush and I might be hooked.

When thank you means a bad thing 

It's an equality pawdy

When "real women" wear Victoria's Secret swimsuits

Kanye did right with these. I want!

Talk about amazing photography

Hope your day is nice and your weekend is just as fabulous! XO


  1. That color will look good on Zoey! Too cute. So I'm guessing you like your lip gloss from Lush? :-). Such great products! Looking forward to a fun weekend cooking out, church event Sunday and possibly strawberry picking. Have a great weekend!

  2. I am liking the lip gloss! My lips feel so smooth... A new addiction may have started ;). Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Let me know how your strawberry picking went! XO