Thursday, March 26, 2015

What's your quirky habit?

Not sure what changed, but over the last few years I've found myself adopting a new habit—sleeping with socks in the bed. Before I catch some ZZZs, I throw on a fresh pair of socks and climb in the covers. Within ten minutes one sock slides off, followed by another short break before the other one gives farewell with my feet. At times I even find myself falling asleep before the second one parts ways—sleeping with one sock on! But do you want to know the strangest part???
I leave them in bed. Comfy, cozy, and hanging out next to me. Almost as if I'm afraid my feet might get cold in the middle of the night and I'll need them again (which never happens). Kyle finds random socks throughout the nights and occasionally I hear him moan, "there's a sock in the bed..." 

Since its now somewhat expected, I respond with puzzled remarks such as, "who in their right mind would put a sock in the bed?!?" And we laugh it off. Such an odd habit I've discovered. But I'm wondering...

Do you have any odd quirky habits? Anyone else sleep with socks in the bed? Or am I riding solo here?


  1. I have to take 3 sheets of paper towel when I wash my hands in public...weird?? ...maybe OCD?? 😬

  2. Ha ha ha! I think everyone has a little bit of OCD at times. That must stink if the paper towel runs out after 2 sheets!