Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring into new beginnings

It's hard to believe the first day of Spring appeared over the weekend. In fact, us Wisconsinites are still getting hit with snow... I know. And while I like the snow, I must admit I am more than ready for some warm weather to start rolling through. Some warmer weather recently teased us and over the weekend I got the itch to kayak. Unfortunately I was quickly reminded of how dangerous the water would be if I accidentally fell in, so I decided to play it safe and stick with my first bike ride of the season. Nothing beats a good bike ride, especially when you're cruising down some country roads. It made me want Summer that much more.

Spring brings lots more new beginnings this year, too. Kyle and I are eagerly in the preliminary stages of house hunting. We've hit this point a time or two but never got serious about the actual purchase part; which is kind of a major piece in owning a home. To be in a position where we are serious about taking the next step in our future excites me and scares me at the same time. I hope we can find something we like... All the good ones seem to fly off the market so quick, and other houses look perfect in their pictures and when you walk through them it makes you second guess whether you're even touring the same home you obsessed over online.

We almost put an offer on a house once but never pulled the trigger. I was crushed when the house sold, but in hindsight I knew it was the right decision. It's these times my emotional attachment to artificial things really gets in the way. P.S. I found myself sorting through some clothes I planned to donate to Goodwill and became quickly irritated and borderline astonished with my sentimental attachments to clothes. "I can't give this away, it's a high school t-shirt from dance," OR "I might need this ref shirt for a Halloween party some day." Really Ash??? You would be proud, however, as I pushed past this and purged a few bags worth of stuff. Feels great too! 

Anyways, I'm hoping this whole house hunting thing pans out. For those who have been through his process, I am all ears for feedback and suggestions.

What are your most important things you look for in a home? How do you know when it's the right one? I would love to hear! 

Happy Spring!



  1. Happy house hunting! My best advice is to just go with your gut (easier said than done, I know). We toured about 5 houses before finding ours. When we walked in, I just knew it was the right one, and I'm so glad we went with it. The hardest part in my opinion was the loan process - we had a really crappy loan officer, and I had to constantly call and e-mail him to remind him that we were closing on X date and needed to get everything done before then! Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! Others have also said you just know when you know. Hopefully we are one of those people too! We just got pre-approved for a mortgage so one step closer. Yahoo!