Monday, March 9, 2015

Treading Water

Sometimes I find myself hoping, praying, or planning how I can make things in my life go smooth. When things don't go as planned or how I envisioned I tend to have that knee-jerk reaction, pointing the finger at myself. What could I have done differently? It must be something I did. What did I do to deserve this? The list goes on.

All these negative thoughts flow naturally and it's hard to take a step back and not quickly grab onto them like a game of spoons. Yet those negative thoughts often serve no justice and really don't do much except bring me down.
Most things in life aren't really in our control, and as much as our mind likes to trick us, we are not responsible for other peoples behavior, actions, and words. Nor are we the sole reason behind things not going as we planned, unexpected circumstances, or things falling a part.

And as much as I see myself always wanting things to go the right way and praying for the best outcomes, part of life is going through those rough waters so we know how to navigate our lives on a much more skilled and mature level. Going through pain, loss, and forging through those seemingly out of control moments are what actually makes us stronger. We all face many battles in our life where tragedy strikes or things just haven't been going our way. Whether it be that person standing with you in the elevator or the stranger checking out in the Starbucks line, we are all going through something.

So next time you're headed in the negative mind trap remind yourself, "a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." For some people that means just trying to keep your head above water. And for others it could mean facing adverse challenges head on. Either or, seeing that quote has been such a good reminder for me.

Just keep swimming! 


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