Monday, March 2, 2015

Let's Get Physical- March Challenge

It's March! And we are on the brink of a new season. I hope. Just being captain obvious over here, but it is cold! The kind of cold that makes it hard to even do anything outside, needless to say even walk to your car. Yet with Spring sprucing around the corner this calls for a major wake up call as to how I've been treating my body. I hope you can appreciate a blog that can keep it real and not just one that lists all the rainbows and unicorns. So I want to be very honest with you. Not sure if it's the "humans are mammals so we need to hibernate when its cold" or what, but I don't take care of my body like I do in those warm sunny months. Painted toes, for example. Sweet mother of pearl, you can still find me with chipped polish from NYE. Woof. And working out? I love to work out and find it as such a great stress reliever, but I've pumped the brakes this winter. Cuddling up on the couch to some Netflix has sounded much more appealing than trying to muster up the strength to leave our place. All this neglect combined with the cold might be making me stir crazy!

So March, I am ready to give you a makeover and switch things up. Today I'm officially signing up for my 3rd half marathon and I am day dreaming of sandy beaches and boating days. It's been a while since I gave my mind, body, and spirit a little TCL and given the cold, this month seems like the perfect time to start redefining some priorities. March is a challenge to myself and I am of course inviting you to join-in a month of pampering our bodies. Be it a massage, pedicure, acupuncture, yoga, a great work out, facial, etc. What's one thing for your mind and body you've been neglecting?

Let's try and rejuvenate ourselves by doing something to thank our body! After all it breathes for you, protects your organs, helps you move, and keeps you alive!  Let's show our bodies some love! Maybe it will change our mindset and keep us sane for the rest of this winter in the meantime.

...Or maybe it will just be a nice refreshing change of pace.

Regardless, here's what I'm hoping to do:
-Try Acupuncture for the 1st time
-Start training for my half marathon
-Give myself a homemade pedicure.

Money seems to always be in the way of finding an excuse to pamper ourselves, so this month I plan to leave little posts highlighting ways to find the budget for your body. Feel free to post some thoughts and ideas along the way!

What will you do to thank your body?

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