Friday, March 6, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Tees

There are two things we need to get out of the way. First is my love of Amazon Prime. It's amazing. Order online and not even 24 hours later and its on my doorstep. Forewarning: it's addicting. Use with caution. My bank account continuously teaches me this lesson. 

Number two on my list of loves is St. Patrick's Day. Am I Irish? There's a good chance of no, but I seem to say I have a wee bit O' green in my blood. Maybe I've said it enough where I actually believe it? Or maybe there's some truth. You're also talking to the girl who has had her last name changed throughout the generations and can't really trace her heritage too far back on one side, so it might not be saying too much.

St. Patrick's Day is my adult version of Chuck-E-Cheese. Something about the overwhelming Irish spirit in festive parades, green beer, ruben sandwiches, and perhaps the socially acceptable part of being out and about covered head to toe in green on a March afternoon perks up my soul and gets me fired up. During my college years a friend of mine had the annual opportunity to participate in the St. Patrick's Day parade and being the kindhearted friend she was, she always invited me to tag along. We would roam the streets of Milwaukee, throw candy to kids, t-shirts to adults, and end our time celebrating the ordinary St. Paddy's day festivities. You get the drift.

Here are a few pics from over the years...

While I have since retired grown up from my parading days, my love of SPD lives on. Last year we birthed our first green river experience in Chicago and this year we are headed back for round two of the windy city. Of course, any SPD isn't the real deal unless you have your gear. So in much anticipation I pulled together a few of my favorite SPD shirts. And if you're left wondering why I threw in my love of Amazon, it's because you can type in one word and with one click its purchased. Just see for yourself. 

Which ones are your favorite?

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