Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All things PINK.

I know it's been a few weeks since that annual Hallmark holiday rolled around, but I must share the most awesome Valentine's gift I have ever received. Let me first point out I asked my husband NOT to get me flowers this year. Not because I don't like flowers, because let's be serious, they're great. But they're overpriced around Valentine's Day and to put it bluntly, they die. In addition to my no flowers request I also added a no gifts plea altogether. Clearly you know how that request was followed, but no complaints here.

Since getting into ice fishing this season I really really wanted my own pink tip-up. As girly as they get, right? It's true, I have a very feminine side, yet I'm also the type of lady who isn't afraid of a little dirt and will be right with the big dogs when it comes to taking risks and going against any typical female stereotypes. So yes, I enjoy ice fishing. And yes, I like pink. Pink proud!

My husband also happens to live, breathe, and eat hunting, fishing, golfing, trucks, and yada-yada. The list goes one. Some would call him your typical man's man. We are the yin and yang. While he's tapped my yang side ever so slightly. Now I drive a big Dodge Ram and find myself wanting to embrace the cold winter weekends sitting on sheets of ice.

But back to my story. I digress. Kyle decided to follow my "don't buy me anything" desire and instead made me my very own PINK tip-up! P.S. homemade gifts from your partner in general rock. Not only did he paint and seal it, but he also went out and grabbed pink fabric for my flag. What a guy. I'm more surprised he caved and gave me something pink. Usually every time I tell him I want something pink (like a pink gun) he rolls his eyes and shakes his head in disgust. I guess I'll keep working on that one. But in the meantime I will embrace my pink tip-up and with this ice fishing season coming to a close, I hope to catch the biggest and baddest fish next year. All with my pink tip-up.

Until next time, there you have it. My sweetest Valentine.

What's your favorite Valentine's gift?

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