Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cupid's Calling.

Hello February! Everyone knows Valentine's Day is considered a Hallmark Holiday, but I must confess... there is something so cheesy, uplifting, and puppy dog lovin' that just sucks me right in. I never used to be a big fan of the corporate proclaimed holiday, but since it comes around every year I've developed a softened heart and embrace it as much as I can. (All in the attitude, eh?) AND I can't help but cave into those tiny assorted chocolates; despite me taking a bite out of each one and spitting out half only to discover, yet again, peanut butter chocolates do not exist in the box. You would think I would have learned by now but I still hold hope. Russell Stover, if you're reading this I highly suggest you take my advice and team up with Reeses or something. 

To bring us back on point, I also can't resist a fresh bouquet of peonies, heart shaped pancakes, and those sweetheart candies printed with messages of affection. I'll admit, Valentine's Day kind of rocks my socks... a whittle bit. Knowing millions of people carve out the same day to show others some love gives me a little excitement. Even if it means teaming up with your good friends and celebrating a toast at an anti-Valentine's day party. I have done that by the way. Or getting/giving cute little homemade cards from your nieces and nephews. Whatever the reason, who doesn't love love??? After all, it is what makes the world go round. According to Deon Jackson. How do you show love? Does it have to only be to your hunny? My answer is a resounding, no.

Scrolling my news feed the other night on good ole Facebook I read a post asking others to take this Valentine's Day and donate money to the Humane Society instead of spending it on needless cards and yes, those tiny chocolates I was talking about. This person really had a good point and made me think. How can we make a difference in giving love this year towards another animal, person, cause, etc. Would if we took our money, time, and affection and channeled it in other ways? Ones that would harvest a difference. I don't know about you, but I am all for this! So in honor of this years Valentine's Day, Cupids calling doesn't have to be just about your sweetie-pie-hunny-bunches. This year could be about another person or place that could really be touched by your giving and love in whatever way you choose.

What do you think? What's your Cupid Calling this year? Stay tuned for my next post on this months challenge. See you later!

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