Friday, February 20, 2015

"Better day's are coming... they're called Saturday and Sunday."-Unknown

A few months ago we were asked to join in a trip to Costa Rica with a few friends for this weekend. After some discussion we decided to pass on this one in the hopes to save some $$$ for other things. Ya know, a house, new furniture, a dog. What priorities ensue as an adult. 

Fast forward three months and I can't stop thinking what I would give to be basking in the sun, watching the waves collide with the shore, and swimming with some sea turtles. I'm a dreamer. Our conservative money decision sounds arbitrary now. And instead, I am met with a cold dose of arctic freeze. Diva alert: I am due for a vacation. 

Enough sitting, waiting, wishing (a little Jack Johnson for you), I will do my best to redirect my mind. Who knows, maybe for the thrill of it I'll crank up the heat, rub on some sun tan lotion, throw on a bathing suit and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall (for the umpteenth time). 

Then again, I can also be thankful I don't live in Boston. Sorry Boston!

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Have a great and relaxing weekend!

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