Friday, April 17, 2015

How to take a vacation anytime.

Watching people come and go from their spring break trips has left me with a sudden itch to pack up my bags and follow suit. Unfortunately life doesn't always allow the opportunity to take a week long siesta from our daily duties and bask in the sun on a beach somewhere in Mexico. Although sometimes I'd like to believe it can...

Earlier this week I started thinking what it is about vacations that's so great (aside from the usual and customary practice of having the luxury to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with a marg in tote). When suddenly it occurred to me. The joy and serenity of vacation accompanies a sense of mentally refreshing yourself by leaving real life. Work, drama, bills, or uncertainties become out of sight and out of mind. Almost like a mental vacation. 

And I thought, why can't I practice that now? I may not be roaming the streets of Europe or zip-lining in Costa Rica, but with the beautiful weather we were having this week I figured I could make the most of it. Almost pretend I'm not a local. And you know what I did? I went for my morning run. Did a little over 4 miles and decided to take that vacation in my mind. I ran up and down the countryside roads and acted as if I were on vacation. I set my worries aside. Pretended I was up in the north Wisconsin woods. Instead I focused on the views, as if I were seeing them for the very first time. And guess what? It worked! I felt more refreshed, could appreciate nature a bit more, and felt ready for my day. 

Here are some sights from my run...

Ran up and down some country roads.
Ran alongside some horses.

 Said my good mornings to some cows...

And there's even a wild turkey in there somewhere,I swear!

We can take a vacation anytime we want. Simply by using a little mental imagery and attitude adjustment.  Whether it be picturing a memory in our minds or creating a little mini getaway with the resources available to us in the moment. We have an opportunity and can choose to take it or not. 

 Another day. Another opportunity to be amazing.

Would you try and take a mental vacation? What would you do? Have you tried it before? Let me know your thoughts! Now go have an amazing day!

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