Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter weekend + links around the web

This week I lived the proverbial sick life. Extra tissues, decongestants and chicken soup followed wherever I went. Meanwhile work to bed and work to bed seemed to play on repeat. Talk about getting into a routine! But hippity hop peeps! Easter weekend has arrived and I'm not going to let some silly sickness get in the way of me indulging in Cadbury Eggs and Cherry Twizzler Bites. 

As Chumbawamba would say, "I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me  down." And yes, unfortunately THAT just happened. I referenced my recovery to an overplayed 90s anarcho-punk band. I must be in a state of desperation. I blame the meds. And lack of sleep.

Anyways, I hope your weekend brings lots of pretty pastels and dyed Easter eggs. And whatever you do beware of my husband's family this weekend or you might get cracked in the head with a hard boiled egg. While attending my first Easter with them I received a nice welcome blow to the skull in the middle of what seemed to resemble a quiet and relaxing dinner. I swore the sky was falling and I'm sure my arms flailing over my head looked a bit dramatic. Now my Easters with them are filled with paranoia. Thanks guys.

Here are some links around the web on this Good Friday! Oh and Go Badgers!!!

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