Friday, April 10, 2015

Family Ties

Growing up as the youngest of four came with its set of benefits and drawbacks. Getting picked on, blamed, and at more desperate times locking myself in a bathroom for fear of my life and well-being were a few of the not so great memories. And yet we always managed to also have a lot of fun together. Collectively we would take turns riding down flights of stairs tied in a sleeping bag, run around outside playing cops and robbers, and of course what childhood isn't complete without your traditional water balloon fights that would always seem to end with someone crying after taking a blow to the face.

While the youngest stereotypically equals attention seeking and spoiled, I on the other hand did not garner such positive experiences. Instead my parents learned from my older siblings mishaps and enforced those limits on me as I grew throughout my teenage years. Isn't it usually the other way around? Parents lighten up with each kid? I also was blessed with the parents who believed in the "we had this rule for everyone so it must be the same for you, too." Despite any considerations in the 10-year gap between the oldest and me. Righhht, like times hadn't changed Mom!

Having what's considered a bigger family now-a-days never left a dull moment in our house. At times life with us four seemed like sheer chaos and even though I mildly joke now, we somehow survived, there's a part of me that really wonders, no really, how did we survive?

But despite all the sibling disagreements or silly name calling, at the end of the day we ALWAYS had each others backs and could always depend on one another when needed. Even today I would do anything for my family and feel tremendous gratitude when I think about how awesome they are as individuals and how lucky I am to call them my sisters and brother.

So in honor of National Siblings Day here is my shout out to my big sistas and brother! Despite out differences at times, I wouldn't trade them for anyone.

Have a lonnng weekend!

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