Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Fresh Slate."- January's Challenge

 I thought this was pretty cool. This is the ceiling of Ruby Tap, a great wine bar in Tosa. In order to make it fitting for this post, make this year bright.
It was a whopping -6 degrees out the other night and I decided to watch The Summit. A documentary that followed climbers up K2 and traces one of the deadliest mountain climbing experiences. I couldn't watch the whole thing. I was freezing to begin with and watching other people freeze on TV was a bad idea. I started to question whether it was more psychosomatic. Was I cold because it was ungodly cold? Or was I cold because I was watching people freeze their tushies off. I suppose that's neither here nor there. The facts are the Midwest and all the states for that matter are getting some brutal sub below temps. 2015 is sure making its entrance.

Anyways, I know I'm late here (I told you I would work on timeliness at some point) but it is that time again for a monthly challenge. I am assuming most people have already started with their monthly challenges given the new year. In fact, I personally love resolutions. I think the New Year is a great way for everyone to reexamine their lives and take some time and reflect on the past 365 days. Some people give resolutions so much grief and think they're stupid. I would like to goes as far and say I think its those people that are the ones to not follow through with their resolutions and are bitter :0 I know. I said it. (You don't have to be a sour grape and ruin it for the rest of us). So more power to those who want to improve their lives and set out different ways to live bigger, better, and brighter days. Even if its a time shortly spent. That's okay too.

So in case you haven't already guessed it, this month's monthly challenge is to... (drum roll)... do your resolutions! I have made a few already, but still need to sit down and really hash out what I want out of this year. One goal I have already set (and can happily say I am gaining a lot of awareness by doing) is being aware of my body language. Check out a Ted talk here if you want to see an interesting look at body language and its impact on our own emotions. So far I have been doing a pretty good job at monitoring and changing my body language. It's been interesting to observe times when I might be feeling a certain emotion and I end up resting my hands on my lips, hips, or find my arms crossed. Changing body language/posture may be one resolution I have, but I like to have a wide variety.

One thing Kyle and I started last year was to make some personal AND couples resolutions. He wasn't necessarily excited to do this. Ah, the ways I torture him! But I asked that we both come up with resolutions that we can share and use towards improving ourselves as well as our relationship. The categories last year were financial, fun, fitness, personal, and relationship. The idea here is we both write our resolutions for each category separately and then share what we have and combine our couples ones. I like getting an idea of where he is at, and I would like to assume he feels the same. It's crazy to see how your goals and ideas might be completely different OR right on target with your partners. Do to the craziness of the last few weeks (things will slow down in the next few) we are going to wait and share. A moment when I can actually have time to think and an opportunity to think clearly.

In the meantime, if you've already started your resolutions kudos to you! And if you haven't, its not too late. Get going! If you have a little special person in your life maybe consider doing some couples resolutions. And remember, you have to be specific with your goals! No fluffy "I want to be nicer" stuff. Figure out, how can you do that!?! How will someone know, and how will you know you're going being nicer? That's the hard part.

With my life as of late being a bit crazy, (hence why I've been MIA) I'd like to give you a proper Happy New Year! Thank you to those who have visited and revisited. I hope you come and hang lots in 2015 and I am excited about this new fresh slate.

What are your resolutions for this year? Would you consider doing couples ones? Have any resolutions you carried out for the whole year? I'd love to here. Feel free to leave a comment below. It might help me pick my selection of resos.

Until next time stay warm and GO PACK!

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