Saturday, January 17, 2015


You know when Rocky trains and pours his blood, sweat, and tears into fighting Apollo??? Well this has been my story. Except without the blood. Of course not with boxing, but I have been focused and determined to study and pass my boards to become a National Certified Counselor. I can now delightedly announce I have passed my boards and I can apply for my state license!!!!!!

With lack of sleep, being sick, and overall stress I was worried. This has been a roller coaster experience of anxiety, dread, excitement, and a resounding "I just want to this to be over." I have poured countless hours and energy into preparing for this exam and I can happily say I have done it! In case you were wondering if I just was over this blogging thing... I am not. I was just busy and wanting to put my everything into conquering this exam to make sure I had no regrets with where I spent my time (just in case I didn't pass).

Funny thing is when I left the testing center after completing my exam I could not even look at the results, and when I finally did I ran back into the center and asked for another pair of eyeballs to confirm what I had just read. Pass. Test result= PASS!!! Woo Woo! I am on cloud 100 right now. And yes, so excited and in shock that I may indeed throw a fist full of glitter in the air. Thanks Pink.

Welcome back life! Hello career! I am so pumped to take the bull by the horns and focus on doing the best work I can do. And I thank the Lord so much for richly rewarding me in my efforts!!! Now I am going to conquer the world today! First up on the list will be my first time ice fishing. With a permanent smile. :))))

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