Saturday, October 18, 2014

The real simple things.

Today marks the start of this seemingly crazy and wild idea to start a blog! I hope to use this space to share reminders of the beautiful things in life. So, I couldn't think of a better way to kick things off than with a post about those little treasures that make moments in life seem so full of peace and pleasure. 

Let me start by saying if you have not purchased a wood wick candle, do yourself a favor and pick one of these bad boys up! For a gal who (sadly, but hopefully not forever) does not have a fire place, these delectable treats are so fantastic because not only are they full of yummy scents, but they crackle and pop just like a real fire would. I must admit that when I initially lit this one (yes, it's my first one!) I kept looking up at it every few moments with a fear that something was indeed on fire. BUUUT I was able to move past that fairly quick. There is something so enjoyable about a great candle, and when it's mixed with a cup of coffee and your favorite mag, you have got yourself a combo of: destination mind escape. 

More recently, my husband and I have fallen into the rut of saving $$$ on coffee and have had the tendency to purchase those big tin cans that last forever and actually save you a decent about of denaro. However, grocery shopping this week I found a bag of $10.00 coffee half-off, which equaled me exploding with excitement (in case you didn't know my love for coffee runs deep). So, I decided to purchase a bag and let me tell you... it really is those little things that make awesomeness shine out from underneath. I can't tell you how enjoyable it was this morning to light my wood wick candle and brew a delicious and different kind of coffee all combined with reading a Real Simple magazine. P.S. drinking out of a fun mug adds to the experience. My friend gave me this sweet pink flower one for Christmas last year and it always seems to make my coffee or tea taste better. Isn't the power of the mind amazing?!?!

So I'm curious, do you have any "little things" that give you a sense of happiness or peace? What are they? How about a favorite mug or candle? I'd love to hear! Oh and thanks for reading :))


  1. How cool it is to be reading your first blog post!

    Its pretty amazing how the little things in life can bring us so much happiness. What I have learned more and more over the past few years is how important it is to slow down so we can experience them. My "little things" are- painting on a new nail polish, the Mahogany Teakwood candle from Bath & Body Works and a warm cup of coffee out of a cute mug (I definitely agree, it makes a difference!)

    I love your mug in the picture- glad you're enjoying it ;-)

  2. Angie, I completely agree on taking the time to experience whatever it is we are doing. I have found that to be increasing true as I age. The Mahogany Teakwood sounds so nice, too! I am definitely loving my mug, thank you!