Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 Life is busy, life is hectic, for everyone! Although the definition of busy may differ depending on the person, everyone experiences those same hustle and bustle moments of meeting deadlines, maintaining relationships and friendships, juggling household duties and errands, all while trying to sustain some sort of equilibrium in your own person-hood. In my own world I have found it particularly challenging to create time during the week to spend with my husband. Our jobs are polar opposites in terms of what we do, how we do, and the times we spend doing it. He works a "1st shift" and I work a "2nd shift"type of schedule, so this possesses its own unique set of road blocks as our time together tends to be limited.

Now I am completely aware there are couples who have it A LOT worse off; however, my intention in this post is not to cry woe is me. In fact, I am looking to do the exact opposite because sometimes when life throws those roadblocks you just need to navigate the detours. So a few months ago Kyle had the idea of us starting P90x as something we could do together in the mornings. I was a little apprehensive about starting it (seeing as though this would require me to get up at the crack of dawn, and per the last post you all know how I feel about that), but I saw the potential benefits and obliged. *Just a side note: P90X will kick your booty into shape.

Initially we were really disciplined about waking up and doing the workouts, but overtime you can only imagine how we may have slipped off the bandwagon... Well I slipped more off the bandwagon; what can I say the pillow was calling my name! At any rate, one thing that did remain was our "Yoga Wednesdays." This has been our tradition since we started P90X and it's something we both look forward to during the middle of the week. It has become a time where we can do something that incorporates exercise, relaxation, and more importantly something we do together.

Our typical Wednesday mornings now consist of our yoga workout followed by homemade smoothies or banana pancakes. We really try to make a date of of it and let me tell you, it has changed the dynamic of the work week and our relationship. We might not be able to have dinners together or watch a Monday night show together, but we've found a way to create (the keyword= create) the time, and right now our Yoga Wednesdays may be even more meaningful to us at this point in our lives. And you know what? I'm okay with that! We know yoga is great for the mind, body, and spirit, so what better way to practice than with the person you love.

Happy Wednesday and Namasté

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