Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Bucket List- August Challenge

I absolutely love August. With it brings all sorts of excitement, including the host month of my birthday. But August also gives me a little nudge, whispering "you need to make the most out of what's left of Summer." So I'm left trying to fit in everything I'd promised myself I'd do back when it was 20 below, when I'd fantasize about what I would do with hot sunny days. I tend to walk into Summer with these vague ideas of what I want and how I'm going to somehow make it the Best. Summer. Ever. But I never quite do all the things I promise. So this month I want to have a more specific plan on how I will spend Summer's precious time that's left.
That's why today I am talking about making a Summer bucket list for August. Writing down those grand ideas I didn't quite accomplish in June or July while including some I'd like to continue.

Before we talk about those ideas, I want to check-in on last months gratitude challenge where I made a daily intention to complete a gratitude journal. One idea I had was writing my gratitude in the morning. I quickly found writing gratitude in the morning wasn't my thing. I am a night gal and when I waited until I woke up I felt antsy falling asleep. Hoping I wouldn't forget what I was thankful for during the day. I enjoyed my nightly reflections while looking back on my day. Remembering the little joys I most likely would have dismissed and forever forgotten about had I not given much thought into it.

Yes, there were days I forgot to write, or times I was laying in bed too exhausted to pick up a pen, but overall I think I did a pretty good job and found my appreciation grew exponentially. On some days my gratitude tracked the seemingly small everyday mundane tasks and other days more deeply heartfelt thankfulness. Did you track your gratitude? How did it go?

Here's what's on my bucket list this month:

-Make Popsicles

-Water ski

-Go to state fair

-Take a vacation


-Complete my 60 mile bike ride

-Bon fires

-Attend my high school reunion

-Swim the length of a small lake

-Check out a few new spots, Wolf Peach, Black sheep, Crystal Cafe 

-Grill shish kabobs

-Try paddleboarding

-Wine taste & tour at Wollersheim Winery 

Will you join me in this months challenge? What will be on your bucket list? If you did the gratitude challenge last month, let me know how it went!