Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Desperate times call for desperate measures

The most horrible thing you could ever imagine happened last night. There. Was. A. Bat. In. The. House. What did I do? Well I handled it like any sane human being would. I panicked. Jumped, screamed, and barrel rolled towards the nearest blanket. There I laid flat, like I was hiding from someone during an intense game of hide-and-seek. Making sure any opening was tightly sealed shut. Because clearly the bat would not find me under there! I guess all those episodes of extreme infestation have paid off!

So let me take a moment to back up and give you a little run down of the events leading up to this unfortunate incident. Kyle wanted to take me out for some top water fishing after we finished dinner. Top water fishing is basically a type of fishing you do using a lure that sits on the top of the water... Hence the name. So after about a hour or so of only one strike but no fish, the sun began to set, and we were forced to leave after some bats started swarming our boat. Seriously!

So here I am ducking, covered in a towel, and surly whining at this point. We managed to safely get back to the lake house, only to have this bat unknowingly follow us inside. I didn't see it until the bat nearly brushed my shoulder, which is when I sought safety under the blanket... Still in the same room as the bat. I hollered for Kyle as any respectable wife would do. He headed to the garage, found a net, and somehow convinced me to get out of the room. And of course at this point Kyle has lost sight of the bat!!!

So here I am standing in the kitchen quivering, having dark intrusive thoughts of being bit by a bat and dying of rabies as he soldiers back in the garage gathering more gear. That is until all the lights go out. Pitch black. I look over at the neighbors house, pitch black. I skim a few houses down and they're all blacked out. Bolting out the door faster than I've ever ran my life, I had to find something to shield myself with. Picture this, my arms covered in oven mitts holding a flashlight in one hand and an umbrella (open) in the other. All the while I'm starting to become more and more  convinced we are living in a Rob Zombie horror film. Because let's face it, who finds a bat in their house AND the power goes out at the same time??? I know!

After lighting some candles and giving it some time, we sat on the patio and waited until the bat reappeared. It was now time to strategize our plan. My duty was standing guard at the patio door as Kyle crept inside hoping to herd the bat out the open door. With my umbrella open and directly in front of me, looking like I'm about to fence someone, I anxiously waited. As I kept one eye on the door I couldn't help myself from peeking inside the window only to see these bat wings doing hot laps throughout the living room and Kyle hesitantly moving the net closer towards the bat.

At this point I figured back up was need so I crawl inside the house and am given the huge responsibility of keeping the flashlight centered on the bat while Kyle moves to trap him. After a few cautious attempts and a few squeamish screams (from Kyle of course ;-) just kidding) we successfully managed to free that little intruder. Team work is the dream work as they say...

And to end the evening on a happily ever after note, since the power was still out we decided a bon fire was in order for our courageous bat freeing efforts, and got the chance to witness the most amazing meteor shower with 6+ shooting stars captured. All in all we finished the night laughing at our crazy bat adventure, our heroic battle, and my ridiculous reaction...

Thanks for reading. This was too weird not to share. Oh and this picture (above) captures the sunset from this very night.

Have you ever had a bat in your house? Any other type of animal? What did you do?


  1. LOL now this made me laugh. You clearly have been watching way too many zombie horror films of late, Ashley!!! ;)
    Suzy x

    1. I'm glad this gave you a giggle! I can now laugh at it, but it was rough at the time. I try not to watch horror films because my imagination runs wild. Take care Suzy!